It’s the 18th Annual “Bounty of the Hudson Festival” in Gardiner!

A carefree summer afternoon in the country. Live music echoes across fields, vendors offer the freshest local fruits and vegetables, a delectable smorgasbord of goodies surrounds you, and your wine glass is poised and ready to be filled with red, white, cider and dessert wine samples… Ahhh, the 18th Annual Bounty of the Hudson on July 27th and 28th is almost here! This year’s festival is hosted by Whitecliff Vineyards and Winery. The beauty of “Gunks Ridge” is the magnificent backdrop to your day in the country. Located at 331 McKinstry Rd., Gardiner, NY. Grab a sun hat to enjoy the festivities from noon to 5 pm both

The Shawangunk Ridge is a distinctive series of rock formed mountains that stitch their way across Ulster, Orange and Sullivan Counites.  They are known locally as “The Gunks.

These mountains are nationally known for their hiking availabilities.  To climb “the Gunks” is somewhat a badge of honor for hikers.  There are many nice public areas throughout the region.  Don’t forget o check out the historic Mohonk Mountain House, a grand hotel situated on top of the Gunks.


What: 18th Annual Bounty of the Hudson Festival

Where: Whitecliff Vineyards, Gardiner, NY

When:  July 27, 28


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