Lowville Cream Cheese Festival



This free festival is open to the public one day only in Lowville, where a large Kraft manufacturing plant resides.

The annual Cream Cheese Festival draws 15,000 to the small northern New York town, and each year the festival tries to set a world record.

A few years ago, festival goers enjoyed pieces of the nation’s largest cheesecake. This year, the Guinness Book of Records officials are on hand to witness the unveiling of the World’s Largest Cheesecake!

Take a look at video from the nation’s largest cheesecake in 2011:

The Lowville Cream Cheese Festival draws more than 14,000 attendees to celebrate the city’s distinction as home to the nation’s largest cream cheese manufacturing facility, operated by Kraft Foods. The festival annually produces America’s largest cheesecake, a 1,200-pound PHILADELPHIA cheesecake served in 3,500 slices.

This year, the brand’s goal is to create an even bigger cheesecake in an attempt to break the current GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement, which weighs in at 4,703 lbs. The cheesecake planned for Lowville will be approximately 8 feet in diameter and about 20 inches thick and is estimated to weigh approximately 6,000 lbs. to surpass the current record.


When: 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sept. 21, 2013

Where: Lowville, NY

Website: http://www.creamcheesefestival.com/

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