“The Twelve (Wine) Days Of Christmas” In The Beautiful Finger Lakes!


While not a traditional “single venue festival” this annual event brings a large number of visitors to Upstate New York during the holidays.

Back by popular demand, 11 specific wineries will be selling limited edition bottles of wine, counting down the 12 Days of Christmas, with delicious, Seneca Lake wines! The final bottle can be obtained at our event co-sponsor, The Christmas House, in nearby Elmira, N.Y.

This popular holiday event celebrates the beauty, and magic of the Finger Lakes as one of New York’s top destination sites as well as focusing on the ever-growing wine industry as one of the Top Three industries in the state.

Bottles of the 12 Wine Days of Christmas will be on sale at the following wineries:

Twelve bottles filling- Ventosa Vineyards
Eleven corks a popping- Zugibe Vineyards
Ten skins a crushing- Kings Garden Vineyards
Nine barrels rolling- Wagner Vineyards
Eight presses pressing- Penguin Bay Winery
Seven casks a filling- JR Dill Winery
Six Staffers Stomping- Lakewood Vineyards
Five green vines- Fulkerson Winery
Four coopers building- Glenora Wine Cellars
Three tractors trimming- Seneca Shore Wine Cellars
Two pourers pouring- White Springs Winery
And a vintner in a vineyard- The Christmas House

The Finger Lakes Wine region will be hosting a number of Christmas festivals this year throughout the many communities which dot the area.  For a website for the Seneca Lake Wine Trail events click here!

To see the whimsical graphics of each winery as well as their festival offering this year click here for a large, fun poster of this event.


Since this “festival” is spread over the Finger Lakes Region, it is best get details by calling the Seneca Wine Trail main office at 877-536-2717.  The event runs throughout the Christmas holiday (as supplies last).

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