6AM Aug 19th, 2016
8PM Aug 21st, 2016
2583 California Rd, Gouverneur, NY 13642

Welcome to the world of Faeland. A mystical place filled with fairies, elves, elementals.

Come find your way through the winding woodlands to dance with the fairies on guided woodland walks. Fairies are not the only creatures who live in these woods though. Stop and be still, listen to the trees, what are they telling you? The secret of trees or plant music workshop may have the answers and perhaps allow you to delve even deeper. As you emerge. Come and check out plant spirits workshops to get even a deeper sense of clarity about plants and the spirits that hep them thrive.

There will also be multiple workshops which will teach you the way of the fae how you can connect with the earth and yourself to have a deeper spiritual connection. Celtic Stories told by our wonderful story tellers come to life with our live characters in our nature stories event.

Watch our wonderful crafters showcase there talents in our crafters circle and join in on the crafting fun.

Come frolic on over one hundred acres filled with vendors, forest walks, workshops and events.

Come out and play, the fairies are calling you.

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