American Crafts Festival in New York City is One of the Biggest in Northeast!

June 8 and 9 are the dates for one of the biggest American crafts festivals in the northeast.  Held every year around Lincoln Center, the festival is a celebration of craftsmanship and features examples of a wide array of items to be juried and for sale.

There will be nearly 400 juried craft displays representing the whole united States and Canada.  It is free and is a rain or shine event (it is tented).  Come and enjoy the fabulous examples of fine woodcraft, jewelry, prints, clothing, furniture and more.  There will be food, demonstrations and live music to enhance the day at Lincoln Center!

Thousands are expected to attend this annual event.  To see examples of the fine craftsmanship displayed at this festival continue reading.

Here are some examples of previous entries at the American Crafts Festival (all photos are from the official website):

ac clothing

AC jewelry

ac glassac hadnbagac jeweleryac puzzle

When: June 8, 9 2013

Where: Lincoln Center, 64th @ Columbus, New York City

Time: All day


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