Happy New Year Everybody…From The Festival Fanatics!

Happy New Year Everybody!

Thanks for your great support in 2012. 

More than 13,000 views.  Let’s have a festive 2013!

“Dan the Man” Cassavaugh

“Big Chuck” D’Imperio


Here is a fun little video for you to share with your friends on New Year’s Eve!

About "Big Chuck"

Hi folks, this is "Big Chuck" here. I love Upstate New York! I have written several books about the region, do a lot of public speaking around the state, am an award-winning radio broadcaster (since 1989), write a bi-monthly newspaper column and give walking tours of Cooperstown, N.Y. Yes, I do keep busy! I hope we can share some Upstate stories on this blog! If you would like to take a look at my series of Upstate New York books visit www.upstatenewyorkbooks.vpweb.com
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